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The Vapor Trail 125 is currently in limbo. A rock slide on FS 888 just north of Tomichi Pass has caused the US Forest Service to close the road. They will not allow our permitted event to use it, even though it is passable by foot or two-wheeled vehicle. We understand this. Their risk tolerance for permitted recreational events is very low. Rider safety has always been our top priority as well.

We analyzed a number of course alternatives. In every case, given a 10 PM start from downtown Salida, it gets wonky at some point. Maybe it goes gravel grinder. Maybe it goes stupidly hike-a-bikish. Always the quality singletrack content suffers.

The Vapor Trail 125 is and was an amazing event. We won't bring it back just so it can be a pretty good event.

Fun facts about the Vapor Trail 125:

  • 10 PM Start!
  • 125 miles, 17,000 feet of climbing (and descending). Pack an extra lung.
  • Aid stations manned by "absolutely fantastic" volunteers who'll make you feel like the superhero you are.
  • More 14er's than any other county in the lower 48--and we make you ride all over them!
  • Un-Arguably (over post ride brewskies) some of the best singletrack in Colorado.
  • Ghost towns, abandoned railroad depots, infamous mountain passes.
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