Vapor Trail 125 - Alpine Tunnel to bottom of Old Monarch Pass road

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Miles 17 (mile 44.5 through mile 61)
Elevation Start 12,958
Elevation End 9,200
Character High country jeep road, bad-ass steep singletrack.

This section is on the western slope of Contintental Divide. Begins with 1000 foot descent, then 1000 foot climb back to Tomichi Pass. From Tomichi Pass you'll have a fabulous hike-a-bike up to the rooftop of the Sawatch Range (or at least it'll feel like that). No sherpas allowed! Then you'll have a technical descent on the fabulous and difficult Canyon Creek Trail, emerging south of Whitepine at the Snowblind Campground. Aid Station #2 will be set up at Snowblind. That is where this section ends.

Pictures from a trip over the Alpine Tunnel 7-24-2005:

West side of Alpine Tunnel

Note the ledge that was built for the railroad under the rock formation (center-left in the picture) known as the Palisades

Here's an up-close picture of the Palisades: note the precision of the wall built from non-uniform rock chunks without morter.

Recommended?? I've driven Tomichi Pass with my 4wd. I doubt I'd do it again, unless it was in someone else's 4wd!

The Tomichi Pass climb from this point is also known as Quit Hill.

Pictures from the Tomichi Pass Road, also shot 6-20-2005:

Brittle Silver Basin, your snow-covered route below.

Granite Mountain
The view from the high point of the course (12,600 ft), Granite Mountain on the Canyon Creek Trail.
Tomichi Pass, which you will have climbed, is visible just left of center. Brittle Silver Basin to the left of Tomichi. Granite Mountain
The Canyon Creek Trail proceeds across that high ridge, Tomichi Dome in the right-hand center of photo.

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