Vapor Trail 125 - Colorado Trail, Blank's Cabin to Chalk Creek

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Miles 12.69 (mile 14.4 through mile 27.1)
Elevation Start 9,800
Elevation End 8,600
Character Aggressive technical singletrack, many short difficult climbs and technical descents.

This section is an example of what makes the character of the Vapor Trail 125-a nice long section of the world-famous Colorado Trail. This section is a rugged, remote, beautiful, complex, and difficult trail. The trail is difficult in daylight. You'll be racing on it in the dark, using lights. If you run tires smaller than 2.1", plan on having real difficulty with this section.

Shot from Colo Trail on Vapor Trail Course

The Vapor Trail 125 presents its racers a diverse menu of challenges. The Blanks Cabin to Aid Station #1 section of the Vapor Trail will let you know that the day has started, and it will let you know that the day will be filled with challenge.

The 1st Vapor Trail Aid Station will be on Chaffee County Road 290 just west of where the Colorado Trail intersects it.

More pictures from this section:

Dawn lighting up the trees ahead--looks like fire

Another pretty big of singletrack, but you probably won't see it this way unless you pre-ride--it'll be dark!

This section of old jeep road is part of the Colorado Trail. You'll do it as a descent, in the dark. 2.3 tires? Maybe 2.5?

A look ahead at the Chalk Creek Canyon, where you'll be climbing through the very wee hours of Sunday morning.

A bit more singletrack...

The beginning of the Denver, South Park and Pacific narrow guage railroad grade that finishes this section--you'll climb on this
grade all through Section 3.

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